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Email - click on our email link and send us one! It is the best way to get in touch with us. 

Initial Contact

Background Info - send us some infomation about yourself and the project. 

Set a Meeting

The sooner we set a date the faster we can get to work! 

Follow up - after our initial contact we will be able to move forward. 


Analysis - determines the needs of the project and allows time to acquire all the information needed for a tailored experience. 

Schematic Design - drawings, renderings, diagrams, and any other material needed. 

Gather data - research enables us to transition properly and is a valuable strategy for providing clients with unique outcomes. 

Proposal - finalizing a packet for the client and the project. 


A demonstration of the research and work gathered for the final product or idea. 


Refine - adjust any issues, questions or concerns from the client. 

Permits - work with the city department for any documents. 

Construction - arrange construction documents with our construction team.

Build - sets up a construction timeline with our contracting team.  


All documents and products will be rendered to the client. 

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